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  Project, imagination, and documentation.    

Production -

Notes, ideas, documentation and
planning - a structure and workflow for
the project.

Project Blog -

Production Part 1
A series of notes, references, clips,
material and ideas, to inspire, guide,
and inform, the first part of the production
This is about creating, collecting -
exploring, material, ideas and histories,
and will take place in years one and two
of the project.

Part 2 - Production
This is a proposal for a three year, part-
time production period, for the films to
be in production, development, administration -
to finals - broadcast materak.

Production - Part 3 - year 6.
This is the academic, and critical reflection.
Stories, notes, project relation, reflection,
looking back, and forwards, collecting,
collated, further distribution, archiving and

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Production Links -
Plans, Maps, and Diagrams -

Notes on Production 2 - Production Love

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