Motion Graphics -

Part 2

Motion Graphics and Play

A survery of drawing in motion graphics,
the drawn, in motion graphics, and motion
design, as a process of drawing.

Forest: Just One Day from Johnny Kelly on Vimeo.

Loop 4 from Computer Team™ on Vimeo.


I made a mistake with the surnames here -
I was thinking of Semiconductor. The use of
drawing, the invisible, lines, shape.
I never understood really the popularity of
this work. Now - it seems a perfect illustration
of the ideas.

Magnetic Movie from Semiconductor on Vimeo.

Six Weeks In June from stuart hilton on Vimeo.

TV animation | BBC Radio Scotland | Foggie Bummer from Barnbrook on Vimeo.

Physical, and the on-screen, drawing on film, plan [or, play],
process, and responses to audio.

What Barry Says from Knife Party on Vimeo.

Playing with form, as well as the line. Conceal,
and reveal (hide and seek - hide, and speak)
Storytelling. Moth. Go.

My Mother's Coat from Moth on Vimeo.

I've missed something from my notes. Usually,
the missed is the most important thing.

Light, A lightness of touch.

The Accident from Sara Nesteruk on Vimeo.

(Office - Depot.)
Completed, with the help, of Jason.)





Just one day -
Johnny Kelly














Loop 4
by Computer Team
(Drew Tyndell)

Exploring rhythm, play
















Flat Earth,
by Thompson & Craighead




















Magnetic Movie,
by Semiconductor

Six Weeks in June,
by Stuart Hilton

Foggie Bummer
by Johnathan Barnbrook

Simon Robson
'Serious' motion graphics.
Storytelling. Form, narrative and
Politics. TV graphics. the use of text, visuals, and broadcast systems.

Empty space

My Mother's Coat,
by Moth

The Accident
by Sara Nesteruk