[emails]   Consent, and engagement from participants.
Full consent.

- Approaches to the use, and editing of audio.
Main Question -

Will the work be scripted - Using information
from participants, and historical, and
other research -
or, will the audio be transcripts, with
original voice over, from participants
stories, and recorded material.

Resolve this question, as part of the design
solution - by the end of year 2.

- How will the material, particicpants stories,
be archived, stored, collated, and used.

Exhibition, output, and publication - end of year.
2. A talk, an introduction, writing about
the project. Something to give away, or exchange.
Newspaper - a roll. Folded, pages. In exchange
for, or - places, and ways for contributions.
space for people's recipes and the stories behind
them, in wirtten form (lecture) - notes.
where, and how? Look for, and be ready to
take opportunities. Set something up. Audience.

Kits of parts. Production systems, and the potential
for motion graphics.

A position - HEA.

Include visuals, and links, in the HTML
- Explore (the possibility -
of including visuals, movies and links
- to describe a

The impossibility of - to describe a visual
practice, without visuals.