Drawing, and the drawn line.
[an email to Rowan]

Drawing, and the drawn line.
Van Gogh.
No history, or discussion, about
drawing, would be complete, without
including the work or ideas, of Van
Gogh. RSA exhibition - the immediacy
of the line, and the experience. The
popular. Why is he so popular,
archetypal, tragic artist, loss, discovery,

the story, myth of the artist. And, the
immediacy of the stroke, the hand,
evidence of the human, the emotion. National
Gallery collection. Talk. Describe, drawn
collection, drawn, fresh, immediate. The practice
of drawing, is relatively unchanged from the
Rennaissance artists. Has an impact, feel
(the painting - considered)

Work that reveals too much, and becomes
uncomfortable, where the audience have to
not understand, in order to be able to engage,
connect, and take it in. the surround.
life drawing - Berger.
Points out that drawing from a nude
model is called 'life drawing'. Drawing life.
(talking about Picasso, pg 20.)
Shiela - Egon Scheila, Hockney,
Beardsley, Salt Aire.

Berger - and the way he writes. Inspiring,
material ideas, referencing others, and
drawing upon his own experiences.
(later.) — do.



strip of covering; make bare.
> Berger

Series. Hogarth. Rake's progress, and
the Hockney version. Storytelling, sequence,
and the use of drawing - Check Hogarths
images - paintings? Hockney's - have an
immediacy and a vibrancy, bring the works into
the present day.
Poetry. What and how to explore this, how
does it come up in my work? Dante.
The Divine Comedy. Use of drawing, diagrams,
to present his literary world. Compelling


untitled from Sara Nesteruk on Vimeo.

Include visual movie.
At — a point.
Artwork, images, drawn, from
photographs taken on Ilkley Moor in
early 2009. Steb —

Sebastian Buerkner.
Exploring the frame, A glimpse,
fragment, a point in time. Stain on the retina.
A memory. Fleeting lost. The crow - from
Ted Hughes. loop, taken from Muybridge,
after a series of large scale drawings in Finsbury
Park, using ink, pen and brushes.
later – used in the Royal Albert Hall
projections, with a series of other loops.
A giant zoetrope. Happy.


Music - pounding.
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the dark.
Shape tests. Exploring the square.
Responding to audio.
Alexander Chen, Max Hattler,
Tal Rosner. Projection graphics, scale.
National theatre project. The set ga
Garden. An outdoors, a world.
BBC Sport - first job, Final Score. Creating
a 'sky'

Include image.
An outdoors, for a stadium,
indoor set.

Tracy Emin. Haywood Hayward show.
Curation. = amazing. Dark, disturbing,
Conflict, turmoil, tales. Tragedy, complexity.
Review - the London Review Spoke of it as
self indulgent and narcissistic. Shows a
complete lack of compassion, or understanding of
the work.
work that needs to be made.
(and - work that looks nice.)
2011. –  Include.
Play. And the nature of play.
Understanding. Narrative. Process. And
processing. The process of drawing, why we
Draw to - conceal, communicate,
express. Foresight. Knowing more,
without cognition sometimes, than
with the brain.


Work that plays.

Motion graphics and play.
Understanding Form and Process. Jonny
Kelly. Loops - Drew Tyndell.
light. A lightness of touch.
Simon Robson. Play –
Thompson and Craighead.
I never used to understand this work.
Stuart Hilton.
Foggie Bummer.
Playing with form, as well as the
line. Conceal, and reveal,

Storytelling. Moth. Go.