auto ethnographic research -
and ethics

The relationship between researcher and
subject matter, and participant, become
more intertwined, Real, complex.

Ethical concerns within my work - centre
about - and around, making meaning, and the
interpretation of events and stories. Visualing
audio, visual interpretations and ideas.
Editing. Subject matter, contrast, and context.


Following from ideas about character, taken
from Jung. Exploring Jung's archetypes, as an
approach to character, based on the the
Structure of the traditional Japanese Nō drama -
short plays, each of the main pieces, centres around
a particular character, or archetype.

My intentions - exploring the Trickster, was to include
an alternative perspective - a bad guy. Enemy,
perhaps a soldier, or guard - an agitator of
some kind.
I have been considering, whether the idea of the
Trickster, may be evident in the structure, and
ideas behind the work. A disruption, interlude,
break in the story. Or - a memory, my own
reflection, anticipation, or ideas, that keep
re-appearing, re-occuring, weaving in and out of
the texts, and the films.