Recipes for Baking Bread
  Project, imagination, and documentation.    

Research Proposal,
and Contents

> the research proposal can be
found here


This text has been written as an introduction to
the project, print pack, to accompany the
This is a tactile (in-production) print
product, publication. The ideas, and notes in
this text, apply equally to this - the on-line
digital, submission version.



Recipes for Baking Bread
PhD proposal, and project production pack.

This pack has been created as part of my PhD,
transfer application, to Leeds Beckett University.

Some of the work included was created as a part
of my research, and application, at the University
of Huddersfield.

The idea, creative, and thinking - have been
informed, in large part from my membership
at the Islington Mill Art Academy, from 2012
The commercial, notes, thoughts, inspiration,
and thinking, have been heavily informed by
my time at BBC Sport, 2011-2014.

The pack is designed with creative intention.
As an academic document, a piece of work in
itself, to describe the project, ideas, thoughts,
notes, creative, and production. A creative
'root' - from which the project, films, and
work, can evolve and grow, and something to come
back to.

I hope that it can develop over time.
To represent, where the project is, a marker - to,
and of, now.

Sara Nesteruk
Manchester, May 2016