Production Movies -

I have been, and am -

Working on a series of production movies, films,
shorts, pieces of motion graphics.

Production 3 - 001-
Exploring the beginning of the library.
Archiving, indexing, a contents - research,
approaches, categorisation, Dewey,


Production Movies -

These are a series of production shorts,
motion graphics pieces, exploring approaches to
production, telling stories, or - encountering,
models of production, television, editing - the
use of motion graphics and the cut.
Exploring baking, methods and techniques,

Taking inspiration - from Eisenstein, Vertov,
Contemporary motion graphics, Soviet history,
the title

  interstitual, Japanese Nō theatre,
BBC Sport, the wipe - transition, the Ukrainian
calendar, connection with the past and the
future, with the viewer, the work, allowing people
to have their own experiences, and, experience
themselves, within the work.

Space for reflection, encountering truth, reality,
memory, the factual rememembered.

Documents to - and about, fragments, notes,
ideas - ket
kit - of parts, that exists in motion, in print,
online, a growing archive system, design a contents,
set of ideas, network, exchange, and dialogue,
that builds and accummulates for the
duration of the projec.

I am [notes - acceleration,a new production approach and idea]
complete in year 4.

I am considering -
accer -
Production - 1 year, in year 3 -
Full time lab production - notes ? -

Production -

Production Movies, and links


Strike - Eisenstein - notes from a film -

Html ideas - a sketch, approaching notes,
archiving, and drawing -

Production Movies
- Plans, Maps, and Diagrams

An approach to production

Plans, Maps, and Diagrams - from Sara Nesteruk on Vimeo.

And the documentation of it.
For the complete set of films -
See the project vimeo channel, and
notes -