Existential Postal Dilemas    
On Tue, Mar 15, 2016 at 7:11 AM Sara Nesteruk <S.Nesteruk@hud.ac.uk> wrote:    

Hi Stephen,

Hope you had a good weekend.

I’ve posted you a meeting request for the first week of Easter. But-

I went to post it on the way home on Friday, and the post box at uni has been concreted (it’s not concrete – but it is blocked) and sealed up. I can’t believe it, but it does mean that the last letter I sent you has special significance now, it must have been one of the last letters posted there.

Anyway, I posted your mail in the main Huddersfield post office. It didn’t feel right taking it home (like taking a postcard home from holiday) but I’m not sure that post-box feels right either.

I feel like I have added yet another layer of complexity to my life. But, am really looking forward to talking about the ideas for the lecture, I’ve been thinking about it over the weekend.

I’m on leave from Thursday 24th to Wednesday 30th March, so can do another date if the day I’ve suggested doesn’t work.

See you later in the week,


Also – I have another dewey reference, but I took it home with me.
I was thinking about slogans, mottos, or an over-arching principle for the course,
707.1 ART.
One of my favourite books in the library.
(due back on the 8th April)


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